Locked and Loaded

We are now about a month away from the half marathon. I believe most of the base work has been laid out for me and it is time to sharpen up!

I did a little math in memory of my last 9 day cycle. As of 12/10/14 I have logged 36,689.53 miles (WHOA). That is 3.96 miles a day since the day i was born! Even crazier, it is 10.57 miles a day since the day I started running. Ya, you could say I run a lot.

Here are the last nine days:

12/3/14     AM: 12mi (6:50pace)          PM: 4mi (7:18pace)

12/4/14     AM: 13.2mi (6:51pace)       PM: 4mi (5:43 pace)

12/5/14     AM: 14mi (6:00pace)      <– 5x1mile 4:50pace down to 4:40pace

12/6/14     AM: 10mi (unknown)           PM: 4mi (6:43pace)

12/7/14     AM:0                                      PM: 17mi (7:04pace)

12/8/14     AM: 14mi (5:43pace)          PM: 4mi (6:42pace)

12/9/14     AM: 14mi (6:24pace)           PM: 6mi (7:41pace)

12/10/14   AM: 12mi (7:33pace)           PM:0

12/11/14   AM: 20mi (5:32pace)           PM: 5.12mi (7:11pace)

9 day cycle total: 153.32mi

2 thoughts on “Locked and Loaded

    • eh ive been looking everywhere. as of right now i couldnt find anything. but the marathon at twin cities i did was televised and that was a USA event so I would assume this probably will be too.


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