Warmer Days Ahead

Sickness, holidays, and just plain fatigue from the grind have prevented me from keeping this as updated as i have envisioned. It’s been about two 9 day cycles since my last post, and you better believe I have that data for you! I have felt a little like Louis Zamperini battling my sickness these last six days. Yes, a bit dramatic, as I will never begin to fathom what he went through,  but I remain Unbroken and zero days were taken off!

I went a few days with no remedies, hoping for a natural cure. I got hopeless though tossing and turning through a few sleepless nights and purchased DayQuil, NyQuil, and Pedialyte. That concoction I mixed together seemed  to ease the pain a bit. I had the witches cauldron set up in my living room. I felt as if I were conducting some type of opposite necromancy (instead of raising the dead, i was putting the dead to sleep AKA myself). I had all these different medicines I was using and together they formed the power to knock me out at 8:30PM.

I finally have gotten my schedule under control and I plan on going to South Carolina on January 6th till the half marathon in Houston on January 18th. You don’t know how much anticipated this warmer weather is. I’m sure most of you reading can understand. Don’t be to envious though, I plan on beating myself up a good bit and being on a pretty strict schedule. It is about that time! I will also get some time to spend with my family and friends down South. Something I don’t have the opportunity of always doing here in Ohio. Oh, and hopefully I’ll be healthy!

Here are the last two 9 day cycles-


12/12-             AM: 13mi 7:11 pace                              PM: 5mi 7:19pace

12/13-             AM: 12mi 7:28 pace                              PM: 5mi 6:48pace

12/14-             AM: 10.5mi 5:55pace (4 @ 4:53pace)   PM: 7mi 7:35pace

12/15-             AM: 10mi 7:54pace                                PM: 5mi 7:31pace

12/16-             AM: 11mi 7:41pace                                PM: 6mi 7:34pace

12/17-             AM: 10.85mi 6:17pace (300on200off)    PM: 4mi 7:37pace

12/18-             AM: 12mi 7:11 pace                               PM: 4mi 7:08pace

12/19-                                                                            PM: 23mi 6:42 pace

12/20-             AM: 10mi 7:42                                        PM: 7mi 7:15pace

9 day cycle total- 155.35mi

12/21               AM: 13mi 5:46pace (7mi @ 5:02pace)

12/22               AM: 13mi 7:18pace                               PM: 5mi 7:34pace

12/23               AM: 18mi 7:11pace

12/24               AM: 11mi 7:22pace                               PM: 4mi 6:51pace

12/25               AM: 9mi 6:20 (3x1k/ 6×200)                  PM: 6.5mi 7:33pace

12/26               AM: 11mi 7:15pace

12/27               AM: 11mi 8:00pace                               PM: 4mi 6:18pace

12/28               AM: 13mi 5:56pace (7 @ 5:11pace)     PM: 4mi 7:24pace

12/29               AM: 10mi 7:43 pace

total 9 day cycle-  132.5mi

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