Go the Extra Mile, it’s Never Crowded

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner has never wrung so true. I think a lot of long distance professionals struggle with the idea of if all the work and dedication they submit to their dreams, goals, and task at hand is worth the pain and continual fatigue. I am not an exception to this lethargy in training and competing at the highest level at times. After all, if you are not at the very top echelon of the sport, restitution is minimal. It is like only the top ten basketball players in the league making good money, and everyone else is vying to get into that small circle of monetary relaxation. It is very hard to not be in financial distress when pursuing such monumental projects. This goes for most sport though that isn’t part of the “Big 4”.

I am the sole proprietor of my eventual demise or continued advancement. I write my own workouts. I am my own strength coach. I am my personal nutritionist. I construct my own race schedule. I organize all the logistics of my races. I pay my own way. I do all this willingly, and full knowing the compensation I receive is scarce. It is the sacrifice I make to be able to compete at the highest level, in areas with the best competition. This past season was the first I did all this alone, but it was undoubtedly the best season of my career.

Going at this primarily alone I believe is only preparing me for future endeavors. Understanding my body in so many different aspects, and understanding the business side in regards to logistics of getting to and being at races garners me valuable experience in my future careers. I hope to one day be a coach in a collegiate environment and having already done many of the tasks at hand as an individual, I believe it will be transferable in team dynamics as well.

I can’t leave out those who have molded me and guided me along the process to this point. I have collected so much data from legendary coaches such as Matt Reneker, Jack Hazen, and Matt Woods. All the information they provided me along the way has been invaluable to my success as an elite marathoner. There is a very long road ahead though that needs to be traversed. I will do it, throwing caution to the wayside.

Now I am getting into a whole new realm of competition in athletics. I have recently updated my race schedule and will be competing at many events the next few months. It is a demanding schedule, but one I will hope to enjoy and challenge myself with. Sorry this post is getting quite long, but I hope you have made it to this point! Below is my current race schedule for 2015. My next marathon is in THREE days in Albany, GA, it is the Albany Marathon. I hope you continue to follow my progress as an athlete..


If you haven't read the book or watched the film,  I recommend doing so.

If you haven’t read the book or watched the film, I recommend doing so.