Representing the USA in December

Hello everyone! I hope you still remember me. I’m Tony Migliozzi, a guy who runs way to much on a one mile loop in North Canton, Ohio. Now that I’ve refreshed your memory on who I might be, since it’s been a while, I have some exciting news if you care to stick around till the end..

I recently completed the Bank of America Chicago marathon on 10/11/15. I spent a lot of time training for it, and hoping for a fast time. First let me give you a little information on the marathon itself. The Chicago marathon is a World Marathon Major. There were 45,000 entrants into the race this year, and its known as a fast and flat course. I believe this year only the London and Paris marathons had more participants. Chicago had more participants than the Berlin marathon this year, where the world record was set last year. So pretty much it’s a huge marathon with the best competition in the world!

I got the bib number 25, which meant I was pretty much seeded with the 25th fastest time. A lot of people who are really fast in other events were making their debut at this race also, so place wise my goal was to just do better than 25. Goal time was 2:15:00 if weather was conducive. The weather ended up being less than ideal. There were some high winds, bright sunshine, and a warmer start than usual. It wasn’t terrible though, just not ideal.

I ended up going through half way of the race in 1:07:52, I think I was actually in 25th place around this time. Then the race got difficult! I never lost focus, I was slowing down a bit, but I was mentally strong. I ended up passing 10 people after half way and finished in 15th overall in 2:17:44, another Olympic trials standard. Maybe now they’ll let me bring a friend since I’ve hit it twice? It wasn’t the time I wanted, but the placement was better than I could have ever expected, and I think that’s what it is all about at these huge marathons so I am happy! NOW the big news…..

During my training for the Chicago marathon I submitted an entry to the USATF to be selected for a race in a far away place. A few weeks later I got a response. I think it was in the middle of September that I received the response. I had just finished 10 miles at marathon pace in the dark on a track and was pretty exhausted. I remember refreshing my Gmail, making sure it was true.

I was selected to represent the USA at the 50k World Championships in Doha, Qatar on December 4th. My flight has been booked, it’s a full day of flying, 24+ hours with a layover in Amsterdam. I’m really excited to represent the United States and have this experience. It’s less than two months away, and now that Chicago is over I am really excited to share this with everyone.

I can’t wait to wear the U.S.A jersey and represent to the best of my abilities! Godspeed!

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